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3D audio redefined
Create and experience sound as it’s never been heard before
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The 3DX-equipped binaural processor HPL®︎ has been used in several award-winning mixes on account of its advanced acoustic technology and sound quality.

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3DX combines the highest sound quality with sophisticated workflow and an intuitive interface for the ultimate, immersive, creative experience.
Let 3DX inspire you with its ability to produce distinctive sound fields that take you beyond the real world.

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High quality spatial sound reproduction

Transparent, high-resolution sound
Unparalleled ability to reproduce space allows for a sound field representation that enters a whole new realm.
With the newly designed 3D panner and the HPL binaural processor, which is optimized for music production, you can create a highly immersive acoustic space that you can't get with any other plug-in.
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Sophisticated workflows

All the functions you need for 3D audio production – panning, binaural processing, and ambisonics – in a single plug-in.
Intuitive interface for the ultimate, immersive, creative experience.
3dx advanced mode

Dolby atmos and YouTube 360

3DX supports a diverse field in cutting-edge content production.

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  • Transparent, high-resolution sound without unwanted artifacts.
  • Newly designed 3D panner for dynamic sound movement
  • High quality binauralization optimized for music production
  • Extend the dolby atmos production in Pro Tools
  • Support for VST3, AU, AAX. (AAX is only available on macOS)

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