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Connect your studio with a realm of innovation.
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Connect your studio with a realm of innovation.

SideRack is a software that enables the use of audio plugins running on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones from a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) on a Mac.
This product makes it possible to easily integrate the innovative AUv3 plugin ecosystem and touch interface experience into a professional music production environment.

Start with SideRack for free

The 10-minute trial version of SideRack can be tried out any number of times by reloading the plugin.
While the saving of plugin states is disabled, there are no other functional restrictions.
There is no time limit, so please take your time to try out all the features.


SideRack consists of two components: the "SideRack Plugin" that is inserted into the DAW on a Mac, and the "SideRack Server" that runs on a mobile device.
It quickly transfers audio and MIDI signals inputted from the DAW to the SideRack Plugin through a USB cable to the SideRack Server for processing. You can create as many instances of the SideRack plugin as your machine's power allows. On the iOS device side, a rack is created for each instance of the plugin, allowing you to insert multiple AUv3 plugins of your choice. Furthermore, it communicates playback position information for synchronization, parameter settings, and more between devices, achieving an extremely simple setup.
SideRack Technology

Intuitive Operation Like Playing an Instrument

Mobile devices are optimized for touchscreen use, offering intuitive and expressive interfaces.
Most plugins support multitouch, allowing for real-instrument-like experiences such as playing chords and turning knobs while playing bass lines.

MIDI Note Input with Touch Panel or Apple Pencil

Inputting into the piano roll optimized for touch panels and Apple Pencil is much more efficient than using a mouse. It allows you to quickly record musical inspirations.
Combining SideRack with piano roll plugins significantly improves the DAW's note entry experience.


Portability and Accessibility

iPads and iPhones can be carried anywhere, allowing music production to start anytime. Recently, a workflow has become common where sketches are created on mobile apps and then finished in the studio's DAW.
Using SideRack at this stage allows the audio plugins used in the sketch to be utilized in the studio's DAW as well.

Infinite Possibilities for Everyone

The mobile audio plugin ecosystem includes many free products. There are also paid products from professional brands, but they are mostly offered at much lower prices than their desktop counterparts.
Using SideRack allows for the introduction of innovative and high-quality plugins at a reasonable budget.


AUv3 Plugin Compatibility

The App Store for iOS has many innovative and unique AUv3 plugins not found for desktop computers. SideRack makes these plugins usable from a DAW on a Mac.

Low Latency That Doesn't Hinder Performance

The latency associated with transferring and processing audio and MIDI is kept as low as possible. Your performance on the mobile device is instantly outputted through speakers connected to the Mac. Furthermore, this minimal latency is automatically compensated for in many DAWs, ensuring that audio between tracks is perfectly synchronized with sample accuracy. This is possible because SideRack is a DAW plugin, unlike solutions such as hardware products or IDAM.

Parameter Modulation

Automating the parameters of iPad plugins from your desktop DAW is now easier than ever. We've implemented a powerful feature called "Parameter Modulation," which goes beyond standard automation. Inspired by the CV control of synthesizers, this feature combines the intuitiveness of touch controls with the convenience of automation. For more details, please refer to the SideRack tutorial.

Multiple Instruments and Effects

You can use as many instrument and effect plugins on iOS devices as your machine's power allows. Unlike hardware products or IDAM, the number of plugins is not limited by the number of I/O channels. Flexible routing is possible, allowing you to chain multiple effects within a single rack or process in parallel using multiple racks as desired.

Synchronizing Sequencer Plugins

SideRack synchronizes sequencer plugins on mobile devices with the tempo and playback position of the desktop DAW. It achieves perfect synchronization with sample accuracy. AUv3 plugins with functionalities like piano rolls or drum machines are integrated into the DAW workflow more seamlessly than ever before.

High-Quality Audio Processing

SideRack transfers uncompressed audio and MIDI data in real-time. The signal processing quality on mobile devices is comparable to desktop machines in professional studios.

Easy Setup

The setup completes in just a few steps, allowing you to use mobile device plugins in your DAW immediately. There's no need to manually edit complex connection settings, and no worry about getting setup steps wrong. Simply connect your device with a USB cable and launch the software, and the connection is established automatically.

Save Your Work in One Place

The state of AUv3 plugins inserted in the rack on the iOS device is also saved in the DAW project file on the Mac side. This includes all the information needed to resume work, such as plugin order, parameter settings, and bypass status. By opening the DAW project file and connecting the Mac and iOS devices, you can quickly return to the state of your last session. There's no need to manage separate files on the iOS side. (This feature is not available in the free trial mode.)

Three Types of Plugins

The SideRack license includes the following three types of plugins:

  • SideRack Audio Effect sends audio to and receives audio from the SideRack Server.
  • SideRack MIDI Effect sends MIDI to and receives MIDI from the SideRack Server.
  • SideRack Instrument sends MIDI to the SideRack Server and receives audio back.

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