Thank you for your interest in NovoNotes products.
Please read the FAQ first.
Q. Windows is not supported?
A. Some plug-ins are not supported on Windows. To realize our vision of NovoNotes as "Disruptive music production software that sets your creativity free," we decided it was necessary to minimize platform support in the early stages of development. Developing audio plug-ins is not just about the operating system, but also about the vast amount of DAW software. The number of OS/DAW combinations increases the number of bugs and the amount of work involved. This is an obstacle to innovation for a small team. However, these decisions are made primarily due to the small size of the current team and the fact that the development of the main product, which has not yet been released, is still in its early stages. In our long-term strategy of growing the team and products, we intend to begin supporting Windows in the order of products that receive the most significant response.
Q. I have not received my license key.
A. Your license key has been automatically sent from the domain to the email address you provided during the purchase process. Please check your junk mail box and filter settings. If you cannot find the email, please contact us at
Q. Activation fails.
A. Please make sure that you have entered your license key correctly. Also, please make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet. Currently, offline activation is not supported.
Q. Which version of ProTools can I use 3DX with?
A. We recommend using ProTools | Ultimate. ProTools versions other than Ultimate support up to 2 channels of track, so you will not be able to use settings other than mono, stereo, or binaural for 3DX input and output.
Q. Can I use 3DX with Ableton Live?
A. The plug-in itself can be used, but there are some input and output settings that cannot be used due to the specifications of the DAW. Ableton Live supports up to two channels per track, so any Input/Output settings other than mono, stereo, or binaural cannot be used with 3DX. For the same reason, Ambisonic input and output cannot be used either.
For more information, please refer to the Recommended DAW section of the documentation.
Q. Where can I find the product manual?
You can find the product manual on our Documentation page
, or you can visit our Offline Docs page for offline applications.
Q. Do you have PDF documents?
Yes, we do. Please see the Offline Docs page.
Q. Can I use it on multiple machines?
For more information, please refer to the License Activation page of the documentation.
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