Music Production

Add a new dimension to your work with the expressive power of 3D sound.

No matter what genre of music you create, the expressive power of 3D sound will add a whole new dimension to your work. With the 3D Panner, you can place sounds on a vast canvas of space. Using ambisonics, you can create surround sound that envelops you from every direction, 360 degrees. And with 3DX, you can control all of this intuitively.
Post Production

Compatible with all surround formats

3DX covers all professional audio formats, from ambisonics to the immersive 22.2-channel multi-channel loudspeaker format and Auro-3D. In addition, you can even set 3DX out to binaural for better sound quality headphone monitoring. 3DX has a quality ambisonic decoder, so it's perfect for adding ambisonic sound sources to your Dolby Atmos mix. It’s already making a name for itself in the gaming audio industry, having been adopted by some of the biggest game manufacturers in Japan. To mix multi-channel formats, your DAW must also support multi-channel tracks.
Here is an example of using the Ambience Enhancer Standard in combination with the 3DX Standard, downmixing an 8-channel multichannel audio source to 2 channels. Please listen with headphones.
Please compare how the localization differs between binaural and stereo, and how the Ambience Enhancer adds a feeling of realism and atmosphere.

Ambience Enhancer parameter settings:
Ambience Gain: +9.0 dB
Ambience Low Pass: 22000 Hz
Ambience Delay: 0.13 ms
Output Gain: -4.4 dB

The best monitoring environment, anytime, anywhere.

It is very important to have a good monitoring environment for music production and mixing. In particular, checking the mix in multiple monitoring environments is essential for objective evaluation. Do you usually listen to your mixes on multiple monitor speakers? Do you check the mix in not only one room but in multiple rooms as well? By taking advantage of the amazing capabilities of the HPL2 Processor, you will be able to add the best options to your list of monitoring environments. Unlike the binaural processor found in the 3DX, the HPL2 Processor is a binaural processor optimized for the production of stereo sound sources. In particular, it takes the reproduction of a phantom center very seriously. With just one pair of headphones, you can monitor as if you had the best acoustic environment and the best speakers.
Broadcast & Live Distribution

Give viewers a sound experience that's as if they were there.

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the need to distribute live music has been growing exponentially. Why not use binaural technology to go beyond conventional stereo delivery?
Give viewers of live broadcasts a sound experience that will virtually transport them into the heart of the concert venue.
In addition, by adopting binaural delivery, you can encourage the use of headphones. This solves the problem of viewers having different speaker environments, so the sound intended by the artist or engineer can be heard as it was meant to be heard.
Recommended Setup
  • 1. Convert stereo mics or PA main outs to HPL2 Processor binaural
  • 2. Binauralize ambisonic mics through the 3DX
  • 3. Use a mix ratio of about 70% 3DX and 30% HPL2 Processor.
The major broadcasters in Japan, WOWOW and Chukyo TV, use HPL binaural for the secondary audio of classical music programs, which require a high-quality musical experience.
The Hasunuma Shuta Philharmonic Orchestra uses 3DX and HPL2 in the above combination for their live performances. Archived videos are available on YouTube.